A Tough Truck from A Tough Brand - The Ford Ranger

So, you have decided that you need a little bit more toughness in your life. The Ford Ranger has all the toughness that you need because it is part of a rugged and dependable lineup of vehicles that are leading the way.

This popular midsize pickup truck will pound the payment by towing heavy loads at 7,500 pounds. Getting through steep grades is no problem because the truck will not melt even when the heat reaches 100°F in the desert.

All of this power comes from the 2.3 L Ecoboost engine that is turbocharged to the max. There is a 10-speed SelectShift that controls the amount of horsepower and torque this vehicle delivers (270 HP, 310 lb.-ft torque).

We at Spikes Ford in Mission, TX know that accidents sometimes happen, and this vehicle comes with frame-mounted steel bumpers for the protection. Tow hooks are at the bottom in case you need to pull another car out of a ditch.

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