Smart Safety Features in the 2018 Ford Edge

The 2018 Ford Edge is a vehicle built for the modern driver. This popular mid-sized SUV is packed with advanced technology that can improve the driving experience and keep you safe wherever you go.

One available feature is Adaptive Cruise Control. Ideal for long road trips on the highway, this feature will allow you to take your foot off the gas and maintain speed. Sensors in the body of the SUV keep track of the cars around you. It will monitor the car in front of you to speed up or slow down with traffic. It will also make sure that you stay at a safe distance. Forward Collision Warning is also useful. Those same sensors will let you know if a collision is imminent. An alarm will sound and your brakes will apply automatically to slow you down.

Let our team at Spikes Ford help you find the SUV you've always wanted. We'll show you the 2018 Ford Edge lineup and let you take it for a test spin in Mission, TX.

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