Know the Total Cost of Car Ownership

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular expenditures regarding vehicles. Without these additional fees, your vehicle wouldn’t have fuel to operate, adequate tires to pad the ground, license plates to prove ownership, or anything else we’ve come to know as normal.

Interest is based on car payments you are required to pay each month. Similarly, so is the payment itself, insurance, depreciation – although not a true expense that takes money out of your wallet – registration, taxes, and licensing. That means to purchase a cheaper car to cut down on all of the above expenses.

In the event you regularly drive over fifty miles per day, you should consider investing in a fuel-friendly car, van, or SUV. Otherwise, the money you pour into it might not turn to fruition. Tallying the total of how much any type of power vehicle "truly" costs is truly difficult – seek our help at Spikes Ford, and we’ll ascertain an accurate value for your particular situation.

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