Safe Towing Practices You Should Always Follow

With warm weather in sight, you may have turned your attention to that boat you’ve been wanting. Before you set sail, it’s recommended that you complete a few initial steps to make sure you can safely tow your vehicle to the destination. The first one should be to determine if your vehicle has the capacity to tow it.

You will find that information in your owner’s manual. It will list the exact specifications of your vehicle’s weight capacity, including load and tongue capacity. Stay within these limits to ensure a safe and fun trip. Another aspect is the tow hitch. Confirm that it is properly designated for your vehicle’s bumper and the weight to be towed. From there, inspect the trailer itself to confirm that the boat is safely secured. Don’t overlook the trailer’s tires, lug nuts, and wheels. Once you’ve taken care of the load and tow issues, you can focus on the mirrors and lights.

We would be happy to assist you with any aspect of securing or inspecting your tow package. Feel free to stop in to Spike Ford in Mission and speak with a member of our service team.

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