Two Innovative Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

Now that Spikes Ford has plenty of the new Ford Fusion Energi vehicles on our lot, we thought it would be the perfect time to focus on the features that make this popular plug-in hybrid the car to own this year.

The Fusion Energi comes with the Pre-Collision Assist system for helping make highway driving a lot safer. The system is able to detect the threat of a collision, and will not only begin to flash warning signs for the driver to slow down, but the system can also identify if that threat is too close and pre-charge the brakes to come to a stop in time.

Another impressive feature in the Ford Fusion Energi is the Enhanced Active Park Assist system. Activate this system when you're ready to park, and it will scan for the ideal space, then prompt the driver to brake and accelerate when needed as the vehicle will steer itself safely into that space on its own.

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