Add Security to the Road in the New Ford Fusion

In your new Ford Fusion increased safety in your vehicle is sure to please everyone who rides in the vehicle. You never have to worry about pre-mature lane changing, with Fords lane control system. The forward-facing camera will detect when crossing the lane will possibly cause a collision. There are also blind spot monitors for the side rearview mirrors. There are also rear-view mirror cameras that detect obstacles from behind, that may get in the way of you backing up safely from your current position.

Still struggling with your parallel parking skills? No worries. Ford Fusions new Blind Spot Information System will help you get into that parking spot accurately and safely in no time. Riding through the town or the city can be like riding through an obstacle course if the issue isn't handled correctly. Fortunately, Ford has a new technology that allows the shocks to detect and prevent the tires from dropping in the pothole, and possibly causing damage to the vehicle.

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