Know Your Dashboard Warning Lights

It's easy to forget to check or carry out repairs on your car considering we have busy schedules. To avoid this, the car manufacturers came up with a dashboard warning system in the car to remind you of the critical issues that need a check and give you the state of your car at the moment. Below are the indicators and their interpretations.

The oil pressure warning indicator is activated when the engine oil pressure is low or warrants a change because it is old and contaminated.

The temperature indicator checks on the coolants' temperature by use of thermostats. In case there is a spike beyond the set standards, the light will come up indicating that the coolant needs to be topped up to the required level or changed.

The brake warning light is a circle with an exclamation point in the middle. This light comes up if your car braking system has issues like low brake fluid level or the anti-lock brake systems need checking.

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