The Superlative 2018 Ford Focus RS is Getting More Beastly

It seems like every Ford model has been “Going Further” lately, especially when it comes to power. But it’s hard to top the 2018 Focus RS’ already impressive 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, not to mention its arsenal of performance gear. In the interest of refinement, however, the Blue Oval’s performance division have made it even more potent.

When you have a car as superlative as the Focus RS, it’s hard to imagine making it better. Somehow, they’ve done this without bumping the horsepower and torque figures. While the cosmetics and feature list grows with a standard RS2 package and carbon fiber components, Ford has added a limited-slip differential to the front axle. The goal is to keep those 350 horses in play at all times, and mitigate the tendency for the wheels to spin during hard acceleration. If you’re an enthusiast with record lap times on your mind, this will be the perfect car for you!

With 1,000 units headed our way, though, you may want to get on that fast. Contact our Ford dealership in Mission, TX and schedule a test drive.

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