A Flat Tire Can't Stop You!

When you are going on a road trip, you don’t want anything to get in your way. There are some circumstances that, if you are unprepared, can really slow down your trip. One of the most common problems is a flat tire; with a flat you will have to wait for a tow truck if you are unprepared for it.

There are only three things you really need to be ready for a flat tire – a lug wrench, a jack, and a spare tire. If you are missing any one of these, you will have to wait for someone to come and help you. If you are prepared, you will be able to turn a flat tire into a minor inconvenience and get back to your trip.

To make sure nothing else will go wrong with your vehicle, bring your vehicle in to Spikes Ford for routine service appointments. We will check your fluids, tires, and brakes to make sure you will be able to get wherever you want to go.

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