Know the Difference Between All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive

The difference between all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive has everything to do in regard to what surface a vehicle usually drives on and the type of car used in situational driving.

Four-wheel drive is a term most people are familiar with because it has been around for quite a while. With this system, all four wheels have power enabled by a lower gear ratio and a split differential. The vehicles that employ this system are primarily pickup trucks and larger sized SUVs that are used on off-road and rough terrain situations.

All-wheel-drive is used mainly for travel on paved roads. The vehicles where all-wheel-drive is found are sedans, high-performance vehicles, and crossover vehicles. In this situation, power is distributed evenly to all four tires with a bit more available per individual wheel based on road conditions. All-wheel-drive handles slick roadways that are caused by torrential rainstorms, snow, and ice.

Consumers have a viable choice as to the type of system will work best for them based on the type of driving they will be doing the most. Stop in and learn more from our team at Spike Ford today!

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